You are here, so probably thinking about getting a mobile app for your business, whatever it is a restaurant, fitness club, retail store or dental office. You are in the right place, but if you want to spend your money wisely, please finish reading this page - there is something interesting you should know about mobile apps and application market in common.


For the first time mobile apps can be BOTH high-quality and affordable, even for small biz. We need your voice now to know it's a proper time to start. No obligations. No credit card details. Just to know that YOU may be interested. Please proceed.

2 billion people own smartphones now, spending on average 147 minutes a day in mobile applications. They also buy, book, eat, exercise, fuel cars, attend events and use all kinds of services every day.

People share their experiences in one click. Online and offline are merging. And your business is not a part of it.

Mobile application is not just a trendy bauble. Mobile application is a brand new level of interrelation with every single customer - modern, intelligible, prompt and personal.

In the fast-paced world you WILL HAVE to get an app soon. Be ahead! Future is already here!

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- 67% of consumers would like local stores and services to deliver deals and coupons directly to their mobile devices
- over 40% of ecommerce sales now come from mobile applications
- 78% of smartphone users access a retail sites via mobile apps
- One satisfied customer brings up to 11 new clients within 24 hours with a single tap in mobile application
- Push notifications are 15 times more effective than email newsletters

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The average value of developing a SIMPLE mobile application now lies between $5000 and $15000, depending on developing company's authority and geographical location, and increases exponentially if you want some extra features implemented.

Alternatives like "do-it-yourself" builders and low budget developers still charge very significant fees, but are unable to produce decent, debugged product. Others offer to make an app even for free, but you remember where a free cheese is.

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Premium quality MANUALLY CUSTOMIZED mobile apps for 5 times lower price. One time fee, no annual or monthly charges.


Our designers will emphasize your company or brand style, making your application engaging and recognizable.


Every feature you've heard of - geo targeting, loyalty tools, push notifications, social integration and many more.


High-quality code and thorough testing guarantee that your customers get only the best experience from your app.


Plain and intelligible admin panel allows to change any content in minutes, access analytics and manage dozens of useful functions.


Your app will be published to App Store and Google Play, ready for your clients to install it, without any additional fees.

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Mobile market is growing at a furious pace, and by 2017 the demand for quality mobile application development will grow five times faster than capacity to deliver it. Perfect environment to inflate prices as high as one wishes. Enough said.

But technologies do not stand still, and gifted developers do not just sit on their butts :) Self-designed framework, moderate appetite and a few secret ingredients do the trick.



We are team of experienced designers and developers who are eager to change the existing landscape of mobile application market. With current pricing situation most of small and medium-sized business owners afraid to even think about mobile apps - price for developing a simple mobile application...

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